New Studio

Our New Studio is open!

Hello everybody! We’re so excited to let you know our new studio is finally open! First, a little background: we could really use an upgrade from our old showroom. There was not enough naturel light and it was very noisy there. So we decided to move the showroom to a new location.
We are now located at Bedrijvenweg 6a, Neede Netherlands.

Outdoor furniture

We first focus on the comming outdoor season, so most furniture in the showroom are outdoor furniture. You can find a wide range of lounge sofas, kitchens and tables along with a beautiful collection of accessories. Brands like Cosi, Madam Stoltz and Minibeee are widely represented in our studio.

Indoor Furniture

In autumn, we finish off our studio by installing some indoor furniture. We will mainly focus on beds, closet and bathroom furniture. We will keep you posted on the progress.